Case Documents

The Children’s Testimony (The names of all the children have been changed.)

How the Children Were Interviewed

An Account of the Competency Hearing
The Compete Testimony of Peter Hanes
The Complete Testimony of Gina Smith
The Complete Testimony of Virginia Stone
The Complete Testimony of Richard Thompson
The Complete Testimony of John Larson
The Complete Testimony of Annie Brown
Dan Ford’s Closing Argument

The Police Reports

A Document That Mysteriously Disappeared From ECDC’s Files.

Sidebar concerning David Hanes and Gonorrhea.

The Suppressed “Chino” Accusation
The Hanes Civil Trial

Information About Hanes Family Life — From the Civil Trial
Did Someone Else Sexually Abuse Peter Hanes? — From the Civil Trial
The Hanes DSS Documents
Deposition of Julie Hanes
Depostition of David Hanes

The New-Trial Motion

The Motion Proper.
The Supporting Memorandum of Law. Microrsoft Word. 1000K. Redacted.
An Important (redacted) Affidavit.
Supplement to the new-trial motion.
Motion for evidentiary hearings.
Final Motions Before Concluding Arguments.

The David Burbank letter.

The Judges Decision.

The DA’s Campaign to Silence Baran’s Lawyers

  • DA Capeless’s motion for a gag order.
  • The ACLU’s Response to Capeless.
  • Capeless’s motion demanding sanctions because of an article by Harvey Silverglate that appeared in Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly.
  • The ACLU’s response to the contempt motion.

Capeless’s Appeal of the New-Trial Motion. (PDF Format).

Baran’s Response to Capeless’s appeal.

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